What is Biopod?

Biopod is the world’s first app controlled microhabitat that automatically regulates temperature, light, humidity, ventilation and rainfall. Simply tell the Biopod App what you are wanting to raise or grow and Biopod will create the ideal environment for your plants or animals. Created by a Biologist out of necessity to save endangered species of frogs, Biopod’s core value is to support conservation of plants and animals.

What sets Biopod apart from traditional aquariums and vivariums?

Biopod mimics a rainforest habitat by employing aeroponics, which perfectly balances oxygen and carbon dioxide just as natural habitats are able to do. Also, it is a sleek development in ecotech. Once you’ve got your herbs, vegetables, or pets all snug in your Biopod, you can regulate temperature, lighting, humidity, ventilation and “rain fall” via an App on your iPhone or Android. Enjoy what you see in your pod? If so, you can share a full 720p view of your Biopod through an easy function within our mobile app.

Conservation - Making a difference

Biopod is partnering with conservation groups from around the world. Our technology is being used to promote conservation of both plants and animals. We’re pleased to partner with some of the leading conservationists on our planet to rescue and preserve species that could otherwise go extinct. We’re passionate about all life and the preservation of frogs was the catalyst for creating Biopod. Frogs are “canary in the coal mine” indicators and hundreds of species are dying off each year. Our goal is to help save as many species as we can.

Endangered Species

In early 2017 Biopod started working with Dr. Gerardo Garcia at Chester Zoo, UK. Within months, their highly endangered Marañón Poison Frogs (Excidobates mysteriosus) started reproducing. With their natural habitat threatened due to deforestation, the work at Chester Zoo is vital to ensure the future survival of this species.

If you looking for sleekest terrarium with all automation packed in easy to use app then Biopod is your answer.

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