Benibachi Black Soil Mineral Normal 5Kg

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Benibachi Black Soil Mineral Normal 5 kg

Benibachi Black Soil Mineral is made from mountain soil that is rich in natural mineral component. It creates a mild acidic, soft water that is suitable for shrimps and fish breeding and is preferred by water plants.

Use Benibachi Mineral Soil if you are going to grow plants and keep shrimps all in 1 tank! Water may turn slightly cloudy initially due to mineral content and does not clear over night. Water clears up as the biological system establishes.

Please note, the parameters listed are the manufacturers guidelines. The final parameters in your aquarium when using one of the listed soils will depend greatly on the water you use to fill the aquarium.

The time required before adding shrimp to the tank is; Aged tank water after 3 days, New tap water that has been dechlorinated after 7 days.

Keep in mind that bacteria still need to grow to healthy numbers to prevent spikes in water parameters.

Introducing shrimp slowly is recommended.

Recommended Amount of Soil to use:

30cm cube tank…… 5 liters
45×30×30cm tank……7.5 liters
60×30×36cm tank……10 liters
90×45×45cm tank……22 liters
120×45×45cm tank… 30 liter
Above-mentioned amount will create a substrate with thickness of 5.5 – 6.0cm