Biopod Terra

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Biopod Terra

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Biopod is a self-contained ecosystem that replicates real environments.

This unit is Ideal for Small Animals
The Biopod TERRA is ideal for housing terrestrial animals or a large number of plants. The TERRA is the ideal size for 2 to 4 small size animals or 1 medium size animal.

Tank Dimensions LxWxH - 24.65” x 15.00” x 14.00”
Base Dimensions LxWxH - 18.75” x 14.87” x 2.71”
Unit Total Height - 18.64″
Substrate/Water Column Height - 2.19″
Substrate/Water Column Volume - 3.50 gallons
Total Volume - 22.5 gallons / 85 litres
Approx. Weight - 15.75 kg