CADE Reef - HLP1800

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CADE Reef - HLP1800

CADE Reef Aquariums are our range of customisable marine aquariums. Every model in the CADE Reef Series is a beautifully designed foundation to enable the aquarist to build a truly personalised marine system.

The CADE Reef Series delivers a unique combination of innovative Aquarium design and minimalist sophistication. From styling to function, every element takes into consideration current and future trends in both Aquaria and home design to produce an industry leading Aquarium system. CADE Reef Aquariums are the preferred choice of advanced marine aquarists all around the world.

The CADE Reef Series is our range of sump filtered open top Marine Aquariums.

Every element of the CADE Reef design and construction is modelled on current and future trends within the reefing community. The HLP Reef Series is the pinnacle of aquarium excellence, constructed using the very best materials and to the very highest standard. Minimalist clean lined sophistication combined with industry leading functional design is the essence of every CADE aquarium.

CADE Aquariums are constructed using flat polished super high clarity Opti-Clear glass to all panels (incl. base) and silicone is applied robotically for a minimal silicone finish with perfect lines, gaps and edges. The CADE logo is laser etched within the front glass panel and is positioned at the top right corner of all tanks.

The unique range of CADE cabinets are beautifully designed to suit modern day home decor. The CADE range of Aquarium cabinets are made from aluminium and glass making them the most hardwearing aquarium furniture on the market. Water spillage is an inevitable consequence of aquarium maintenance so it's good to know your CADE cabinet is completely resistant to water damage and it will never warp or swell like water damaged wooden cabinets. Instead they simply wipe clean with ease ensuring it remains looking like new. The CADE Reef Series cabinets come with a very smartly designed cable and controller management compartment located behind doors on both sides of the cabinet. Cables can be neatly fed into holes on the inner side panels keeping everything tidy and organized. This space is also perfect for mounting controllers keeping them easily accessible and free from salt spray. Another great unique feature of CADE cabinets are adjustable castor feet which conveniently takes care of uneven floors and to make certain the levelling is plumb CADE even provide a little spirit level to be placed on the top edge of the tank whilst making height adjustments.
The CADE Reef sump filtration system is a unique design that offers unparalleled versatility. Pre-fabricated screw fit plumbing assembles in minutes and supplies water silently to the sump filter within the cabinet. The first sump chamber is a mechanical pre-filter chamber for removal of larger suspended solids. The second and third chambers have controlled water volumes making them suitable for a protein skimmer and biological media and/or a refugium. The fourth chamber houses the return pump and the fifth chamber is a 48L reservoir chamber for 'Auto Top Off' (ATO) of evaporated water. Unlike the other Reef models this ATO Reservoir is not gravity fed and requires an additional water level controlled device to function.

Tank Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1800 (L) x 600 (W) x 550 (H).
  • Capacity: 594L.
  • Glass thickness: 19mm. 
  • Opti-Clear glass. 
  • Flat polished edges.
  • Open top (rimless).
  • Perfectly cut silicone edges.
  • Internal Corner Weir - Right rear corner.
  • Silent operation.
  • Screw fit pre-fabricated plumbing.
  • Single return flow pipe.
  • Laser etched CADE logo. 
  • Chamois. 
  • Spirit level. 
  • Packaging: Plywood box, plastic wrapped with foam corners.

Cabinet Specifications

  • Colour - Black & White/Gold.
  • Dimensions: 1800 (L) x 600 (W) x 800 (H).
  • Waterproof alluminum / glass cabinet. 
  • Foam tank pad pre-installed.
  • Glass front, side doors and internal shelf. 
  • Side doors on cabinet conceal a power/controller management area. 
  • Power boards (c/w 6x ports) in each power/controller area.
  • Adjustable castor feet. 
  • Cabinet supplied completely assembled c/w sump secured inside.
  • Packaging: Plywood box with foam corners. 

Sump Filter Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1640 (L) x 450 (W) x 360 (H).
  • Capacity: 217L.
  • Five chambers (including ATO)
  • Prefilter mechanical chamber: 45x10cm (LxW).
  • Protein skimmer chamber: 62x45cm (LxW).
  • Biological media chamber: 62x27cm (LxW).
  • Return pump chamber: 62x18cm (LxW). Water height in controlled chambers (pre-filter, skimmer & biological chambers): 21cm (H). 
  • Auto top off (ATO) reservoir tank: 30x45x36.
  • ATO Reservoir Volume: 48L.
  • Note; additional ATO device required to make it functional.