Jag Aquatics is a small business started by two passionate hobbyists Jag and Veronica. What makes us different from other businesses in the industry is our die hard passion for aqua scaping and fish / shrimp keeping. We started this hobby in 2007 – 2008 when we bought our first gold fish bowl. At the time, we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into, like most hobbyists.

Our gold fish bowl soon got upgraded to a large fish tank with lots of Angel fish. Luckily, our Angels bred in our tank, so that introduced us to breeding Angels, L numbers, and other species. We soon discovered Natural Aquariums by Takashi Amano, which changed everything and our addiction to aqua scaping was born.

In 2011 we started our blog focusing on aqua scaping and named it GreenAquascapes.com. We looked further into importing the best quality premium brands to Australia as there were only a few choices available.

Since 2011, we have imported many premium brands through our import business Aqua Eleven Pty Ltd and we continue to supply many local Aquarium shops and on-line businesses throughout Australia. Many of our hobbyist friends / followers asked us to start a physical store where they can see these products in action and where we can give them firsthand experience with new, innovative products. Setting up a physical store is in the pipe line, but for now we have decided to open an on-line store where our customers, followers and hobbyists can not only buy brands we import but also quality brands that we have used and trusted for years.

This website will also focus on sharing knowledge through our blog. Our blog will share informative articles covering a range of topics including our latest aquascaping, fish and shrimp keeping projects.

We welcome all of our customers to the Jag Aquatics family.

Jag Aquatics Team