Aqualighter aFan Pro

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Cooling fan aFAN is designed for cooling of water in the aquariums up to 100 liters volume, and also for providing air circulation in any type of terrarium.

aFAN fan creates a constant laminar air flow without messy rapid changes of speed and pressure. Air stream forms ripples on the surface and increases the area of contact between water and air, effectively cooling water.

aFAN fan has three operating modes:

  • Position "0" – OFF.
  • Position "1" – normal rotation speed.
  • Position "2" – high rotation speed.

Table showing aquarium water temperature reduction (degrees)*

Volume L 1st Fan Speed 2nd Fan Speed
10 3 4
20 3 4
30 2 3
60 2 3
100 1 2

*The table above shows the estimated values of temperature reduction.

aFAN is powered by 5V safe voltage, from USB port or AC adapter 100-240V (included).

aFAN is mounted on the outside of the aquarium that prevents its premature damage from moisture and corrosion. This is especially topical when aFAN is used in the marine aquariums.

Besides the regular switch, aFAN’s control can be carried out by an external light and temperature controller Aqualighter Device which enables more control over the device: switch ON and OFF depending on the assigned temperature of the water, a smooth increase / decrease of speed of the fan motor.