Aqualighter aLift

Brand: JagAquatics

Product Code: ALaLift

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Effective bio mechanical aquarium filter for aquariums up to 50 litres.
It filters the water through the use of air, which is supplied from an air pump*. Low water flow through the aLIFT airlift filter makes it ideal for the maintenance and cultivation of shrimp and raising young fish. The eggs of these species are not sucked into the sponge.
Pre-assembled filter with the sponge of standard density.
Additional filter sponge of lower density.
1.5 m air hose.
U-shaped glass tube.
Key advantages:
Effective filter without moving parts, heating water.
Colour indication of pollution level.
Two sponges of different densities expand filter application area.
The shape of the filter sponge allows you to place a filter aLIFT close to the wall of the aquarium.
U-shaped glass tube will ensure the smooth flow of air to the filter.
Warranty: 24 months warranty from the date of purchase for all the internal parts of the filter (excluding sponges and air hose).

Maximum aquarium volume, liters: 50
Maximum aquarium volume, gal: 13.2
Size, mm: 155х45х45

Note: aPump shown in the photo is not included.