ATLEDTiS Cookie LED lights - 2 Light Source

Brand: JagAquatics


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Cookie is ATLEDTiS latest innovative product. Special designed conductive track and light module allows user interchange light module to cope with different situation(e.g. changing plant scape or aquatic plant growth need). Equipped with professional optic mix (RGB-W) light source, with CRI 90 and 6500K bright white. Cookie is a great choice for aquatic plant growth. Cookie+ comes with three light source.

Cookie equipped with professional color mix(RGB-W) technology, optimise light spectrum for plant growth as well as enhancing viewing experience. CRI 90, 6500k, standard 2 light module achieve 1200lm(600lm per light modular). It is best for growth and Aquascape application. Cookie is crafted from aircraft grade aluminium(CNC), making it extreme durable. Suitable for 4-9mm thick glass. Minimal design and easy to use, it is double as a great piece of decoration for you home


Modular design
ATLEDTiS innovative light modular, opens up endless possibilities for Cookie. Depends on the actual needs, user can purchase different kinds of light source. No more lighting fixture need to purchase in the future, all you need is to change the light modular. It is fun, practical, money saving and eco-friendly.

Cookie+ Specifications