Benibachi Mironecton Block 1Kg

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Constantly mineralising water and stabilizing at the highest level.

One of the easiest and most economical way mineralising shrimp tank!

BENIBACHI MIRONECTON (100% pure) is a rare Japanese mineral and occurs in one place in Japan, collected specifically for the brand BENIBACHI only in its purest form.

Contains 100% Mironectonu ore. MIRONECTON (100% pure) from millions of years ago, and why it is so valuable. It consists of several dozen mineral and trace elements that are plankton, algae and other marine animals which MIRONECTON (100% pure) is built. After inserting mineral stones in water it starts slow, systematic process of release of these substances, which has a significant impact on water, health and life of shrimp, as well as water quality.

BENIBACHI MIRONECTON (100% pure) has these features trace Properties:

  • Water stabilizes at the highest level.
  • Releases beneficial for shrimp, and microfauna minerals.
  • Mineral release process is slow and steady.
  • It favorably affects the development of beneficial bacteria and other simple microorganisms that are very important, if not the necessary in the diet of young shrimp.
  • Rich mineralization of water and contents of iron oxide visibly improves shrimp growth.
  • Provides calcium and magnesium, gently raises GH.
  • Stabilizes pH. Stable pH has a significant impact on ± months being shrimp and reduce stress.
  • Very economical, while maintaining the Supreme quality.


BENIBACHI MIRONECTON (100% pure) is a mineral supplement maintains healthy shrimp. Tap water or RO water filter is low in minerals and Mironecton provides remineralisation for shrimp.
BENIBACHI MIRONECTON (100% pure) contains several dozen trace minerals and 100% Mironekutonu ore.


BENIBACHI MIRONECTON (100% pure) contains 100% ore mironekutonu, there is no need to wash or flush before inserting it into the aquarium, because any dust that is of part of the rocks. Mineral rocks should be placed in the aquarium, preferably in the visible its parts, because the shrimp like it and then it is easy to observe them.

Below the required minimum Quantity mineralisation for the aquarium.

MIRONECTON (100% pure) 50g mineralises to 25l of water.
MIRONECTON (100% pure) 100g mineralises to 50l of water.
MIRONECTON (100% pure) 200g to 100l of water mineralisation.
MIRONECTON (100% pure) 500g to 250l of water mineralisation.
MIRONECTON (100% pure) 1000g mineralisation to 500l of water.