CADE Luxury Light Stands - Corner Mount

Brand: JagAquatics

Product Code: AESUP-G

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CADE Luxury Light Stands - Corner Mount

CADE Luxury Light Stands are the perfect way to suspend your lighting over your Aquarium.

Made from stainless steel the CADE Luxury Light Stands (Corner Mount) are specifically designed to connect straight onto all CADE cabinets along with any cabinet with a solid corner.

The Luxury Light Stands set is supplied with cabinet mounting brackets and 2 stainless steel poles. Aquarium lighting either come with or are offered with a roof mount hanging kit which can be adapted for use with these poles without issue. Alternatively an additional 'CADE Hanging Kit' can be used which connects directly to the Luxury Light Stands. The CADE Hanging Kit comes with an adaptable cable system that enables connection of the light mounting cables that are supplied with a roof mount kit.

Specifications of CADE Luxury Light Stands - Corner Mount

  • Corner Mount.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Vertical height 120cm.
  • Horizontal reach 40cm.
  • Thickness of pole 20mm.
  • The height of the poles are adjustable.