CADE Rainforest - RF1200

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CADE Rainforest - RF1200

The CADE Rainforest Series is uniquely designed system for use as an Aquatic Paludarium, Vivarium or Terrarium enclosure.

Designed with careful consideration with CADE's unique minimalist clean lined sophistication, the entire range of CADE Rainforest Series begs to be become an incredible tropical rainforest centrepiece within your contemporary home or office.

CADE's new Rainforest series is the most innovative and versatile semi aquatic enclosure in the world. There is simply nothing else like it. Nothing similar in size, nothing similar in features and there is certainly nothing similar in quality.

Manufacturered using CADE's super high clarity Opti-Clear glass and super sleek top cover housing all the necessities without the unwanted attention. Flip top upper panels conveniently house waterproofed LED lighting, misting system and exhaust fans all within a beautifully slimline minimalist design. If you're flooding the bottom simply add the filter of your choice by connecting a canister filters inlet and outlet directly to the pre-fabricated plumbing conveniently positioned on the bottom of the tank. Servicing the tank is just as easy with a seperate service port hole complete with an on/off tap.

Tank Specifications

  • Dimensions: 1200 (L) x 600 (W) x 900 (H).
  • Opti-Clear glass to all panels providing super high clarity.
  • Glass thickness is 8mm to sides/rear & lower front panels, 12mm on the base panel & 5mm toughened glass doors.
  • Door hinges are minimalist and adjustable. 
  • Hidden filtration plumbing supplied providing easy addition of a cannister filter and easy service drainage.
  • Excess water overflow pipe and/or service drainage pipe. 
  • Completely sealed enclosure c/w cricket guards to all gaps. 
  • High pressure misting system c/w misting pump.
  • LED light strips, 3 panels, independently controlled with separate power supplies/plugs, 10,000K colour spectrum.
  • Anti condensation fans x2, preventing fog to glass panels.
  • Cable management plug on top panel. Sealed to prevent escape of livestock.
  • CADE Chamois.
  • Packaging: Plywood box, plastic wrapped with foam corners.

Cabinet Specifications.

  • Colour - Black only
  • Dimensions: 1200 (L) x 600 (W) x 800 (H).
  • Alluminum frame. 
  • Glass doors, side panels and internal shelf. 
  • LED light ballast mounting panel.
  • Adjustable castor legs.
  • Supplied flat packed, (front & rear pre-assembled).
  • Assembly time: 30-45min.
  • Instructions included. PDF Instructions can be downloaded also.
  • Packaging: Cardboard foam lined carton.