Cal Aqua Labs Multi - R 200g

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Cal Aqua Labs Multi - R 200g

Cal Aqua Labs Multi-R 200g Substrate Enhancer for Planted Aquariums

While we often take a lot of notice of liquid fertilisers for leaf and water column fertiliser it is just as important to provide nutrients from a substrate and root perspective.

It is just as important if not more import for some plants to receive their nutrients from the roots.

Supercharge Your Substrate with Multi R.

Usable micro-nutrients with in the substrate are rapidly depleted by growing plants.

MultiR provides the substrate with extra micro nutrients and iron using a proprietary extended release technology.

This preserves the overall fertility of the substrate layer.

Use Cal Aqua Multi-R to:

Provided long term vivid plant growth
Improve growth of demanding plants
Reduce algae outbreaks
Reduce maintenance time

Directions for the use of Cal Aqua Labs Multi - R 200g:-

Spread 1-2 level spoonfuls evenly onto the bottom of aquarium for every 30cm x 30cm square area when setting up a new aquarium.
Cover area completely with substrate.
Safe for fish and shrimps.