Neo CO2 Diffusor Special Type - Large

Brand: JagAquatics


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The AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffuser Special Type made of acrylic has a flat outlet body with a side entrance and comes with a suitable suction cup. The special ceramic membrane of the AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffusor Special Type ensures very small and fine CO2 bubbles in the Aquarium, which means that the CO2 is very effectively dissolved in the water. Due to the low overall height of the, this CO2 diffuser is also perfect for smaller Aquarium tanks.

Before starting up in the Aquarium, immerse the AQUARIO Neo CO2 Diffusor Special Type in water for 10 minutes so that all the air in the diffuser is displaced and the pores of the ceramic membrane are watered. If there is still air in the diffuser, larger bubbles can form at the lower edge of the diffuser ceramic. If the CO2 bubbles grow larger over time, you can use a suitable cleaning solution for the membrane, e.g. to remove calcifications.


Diameter : 24 mm
Height : 15cm
Just for Co2