Iron Chelate Fe EDTA - Dry Aquarium Fertilizers - 100g

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Fe EDTA 13% - 100g
EDTA chelated works best in aquariums where pH level is at 6 or lower (i.e. soft water aquariums / tanks). EDTA chelated iron typically has availability of iron is for several hours.

This chelate also had high affinity to calcium, so it is adviced not to use it in calcium-rich water.

Preparing Solution
To make your solution, mix 40g of iron chelate Fe EDTA 13% to 500ml water (preferably RO water). We suggest using RO water because most tap water has traces of phosphate which reacts with the iron.

Add 5 ml of above solution per 100 litres of tank volume to reach a target of 0.5 ppm. We suggest dosing daily at 5 ml of your mixed solution per 100 litres of tank volume, if it is high light planted aquarium, otherwise reduce the dosing accordingly.