Baby Bee Shelter Flower - White Colour ( Quantity 1 )

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These are coolest looking new product from Japan. Perfect for providing hiding place for baby shrimps and also perfect filter media. These are specifically made for the baby shrimps that helps to provide them perfect hiding ground.


Bio Filtration: - The structure with many pleats creates turbulent eddies and a large surface area for microbial settlement. The high water contact ratio activates the microbial growth, resulting in an efficient water treatment (aerobic degration).

Physical Filtration: - The geometry of the shelter enables complex but uniform hydrologic pathways. Solids, regardless of their size, are effectively caught inside the pleats and will not float on the water surface. It maintains the ability of high physical filtration for long time.

Characteristics of the Shelter
1) Long life and easy handling
Light-weighted, it is easy to handle and install. The filtering ability lasts until all the pleats are gone.

2) Easy Sanitation Control
The shelter creates high medium porosity (void ration of 85% and its permeability is 50times higher than that of sand filtration), which the checmicals such as disinfectant circulate thoroughly.

3) Space and Enery Saving
Low load on the filter motor due to its high permeability, the efficiency of the Shelter allows a compact design of filtration unit.

4) Bio and Physical dual filtration
Suitable for growth of aerobic bacteria, and it allows quick biofilms development.

5) Easy Maintenance
The shelter can be reused until the pleasts are consumed. The maintenance and the medium replacement are minimized.

These shelters can be used in the shrimp tanks or as a filter media. Less filter media is required as these are around 2 cm diameter.