NEST Mironeukton Mineral Powder 100g

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NEST Mironeukton Mineral Powder


Fast mineralisation and stabilises as the water on the highest level.

The easiest way to mineralisation of aquarium!

NEST Mironeukton Mineral Powder is a fine powder made from NEST MIRONEKUTON (100% pure). Thanks to grinding it out through a special millstone, it gets the form of a very fine powder that dissolves quickly. All these capabilities are the same as MIRONEKUTON (100% pure). Powder form as opposed to stone form to work fast! Immediately offers the water valuable mineral that improves and stabilises the parameters. We recommend that you use the powder in the following situations:

The deterioration in the condition of the water in the aquarium, in order to restore balance and improve the quality of your water, and also stabilise the pH,
Water changes for adding mineral and restore mineral balance
Regularly every 1-2 days to add for exhausted mineral that has been taken up by shrimp.

MIRONECTON POWDER offers the following capabilities and you:
Quickly stabilises as the water on the highest level.
Releases beneficial minerals for shrimps
The process of release of the mineral is fast, so it is possible to supplement the presous mineral almost immediately.
Affect is beneficial to the development of beneficial bacteria and other simple micro-organisms, which are extremely important, as required in the diet of young young shrimp.
Rich mineralization of the water and the contents of the oxide iron improves the growth.
Provides, calcium and magnesium, gently raises hardness to GH.
Stabilises the pH. Stable pH has significantly affect the well-being and reduce stress.
Very economical, while preserving the best water quality.


NEST Mironeukton Mineral Powder is a dietary supplement mineral without which maintaining the colour of shrimp is not really possible.

NEST Mironeukton Mineral Powder contains only the finest mineral and 100% unadulterated Mironekutonu ore. This is required, a proven and permanent element of the breeding tanks, without which maintaining stable parameters and the corresponding mineralisation was to not really possible or very difficult.


NEST Mironeukton Mineral Powder is extracted off only for NEST in Japan. Contains 100% of the Mironekutonu ore.


Regularly to the water 3-5 small sticks that every 1-2 days at the Aquarium of the length of 45 cm and in proportion.
After substantial waterchange of water 2 g powder per 1 litre of water