Qanvee Sponge Filter - QS200 *New Sponge Design*

Brand: JagAquatics

Product Code: QS200

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Qanvee sponge filters are optimized for a more quite filter experience. They have:

  • Improved outlet piping design
  • Greater air output
  • Reduced foams And bubbles that result in less noise

These Qanvee Bio Sponge Filters use environmentally friendly materials. The components are made Of high quality food grade plastic, safe and non-toxic for our aquarium friends.

The suction cups are also more durable than standard sponge filter so you don't have to worry about replacing them.

Adjustable outlet pipe Length  which can be used in tanks with different height.

Dual filter media containers can hold a variety of filter media giving you an added beneficial bacteria area.