Shrimp King - Nano Crusta Mineral 35g

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Dennerle Nano Crusta Mineral are vital minerals for good health and magnificent colours of shrimp, crayfish and crabs in the aquarium.

+ with natural montmorillonite clay, plus bio-active calcium and magnesium
+ for problem-free moulting, healthy growth and a strong exoskeleton
+ to boost the white colouring of all Caridina and Neocaridina varieties.

Dosage Dennerle Nano Crusta Mineral:
Add 2 slightly rounded measuring spoons to 10 l of aquarium water each week. Higher dosages are possible when necessary. Mix Dennerle Nano Crusta Mineral with water, then distribute evenly in the aquarium. The slight clouding of the water disappears in a few hours. This dosage adds approx. 1.42 mg/l of calcium and 0.23 mg/l of magnesium to the aquarium water and increases total hardness by 0.25°d. Does not increase carbonate hardness.