Tantora Catappa Leaves Indian Almond Leaves IAL XL 50pk (18-30CM)

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Indian almond leaves have been a long kept secret of breeders of bettas in south asia. It was long ago noticed that fish that lived in the waters next to indian almond trees (the leaves of which would fall naturally into the waters) were found to be healthier and more vibrant than their counterparts. It was then notcied that if one were to introduce the leaves into aquariums one could achieve similar conditions as found in the fishes natural enviroment.

The leaves were found to help keep their fish healthy with strong anti-bacterial properties and promote breeding. The dried leaves act as a "black water extract" which gradually turns the water brown like tea and effectively reduces the ph levels in water, releasing organic compounds such as humic acids, flavanoids (quercetin and kamferol) and tannins (s. a. punicalin, punicalagin and tercatein) into the water which absorb harmful chemicals. other fish known to benefit from indian almond leaf use include baby discus, dwarf chiclids, killi fish, rasboras, catfish and black water tetras.

Benefits of Tantora Nano Catappa Leaves:

Anti-Bacterial Enhances natural colours of shrimp and fish. Reduces pH. Anti-bacterial properties, reduces fungal outbreaks. Creates natural cover, and hiding places for shrimp and fry. Can help aid the shedding process in shrimps.