Twinstar E-line 450EA - RGB LED Lights

Brand: JagAquatics

Product Code: 450EA

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The Twinstar E-Line models feature RGB LED's for optimum brightness showing off more natural and vivid colours within the aquarium. The E-Line has beautiful clear acrylic legs giving a sleek look to the lighting over your aquascape. E-Line is widely tested and recognized by professional aquascapers from around the world.

The EA model features the same great lighting module as the E-Line except with adjustable metal legs for flexibility with tank size.


  • 452(W) X 117(D) X 17(H)


  • 45-50cm / Glass: 4-10mm


  • Colour temperature: 6500K
  • Operating voltage/current: DC 24V@ 1.5A
  • Power Supply: 230V 50-60Hz
  • Power: 25W
  • Brightness: 1900lm
  • Operating Temperature: 0~35ºC