UP Aqua Ceramic Under Water Filter-Biological and Mechanical

Brand: JagAquatics

Product Code: UA-D-717

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 UP Aqua Ceramic Under Water Filter - Biological and Mechanical - 11cm high X 8cm Diameter

  • Designed for Biological-Filtration
  • Designed for Mechanical Filtration
  • Houses beneficial bacteria
  • 11cm high and a 8cm

  • Bio Sponge filter with compartment for ceramic bio media.

    Air driven simply connect to a air pump and you have a cheap way of filtration of both Biological Filtration with the porous bio media and also mechanical filtration with the Sponge.

    It is a neat compact filtration unit being 11cm high and a 8cm diameter. Perfect for Nano Tanks, Shrimp Tanks and breeding tanks.

    A great way of effectively housing good beneficial bacteria and letting the biological filtration treat your water.